Speakers & Presentation

Dongpyo Hong

Founder & CEO

- Founder & CEO, Global PD (2016~)
- Board member, FIDO Alliance (2013~ )
- Vice Chairman, FIDO Korea WG (2017~)
- International Standardization Expert in field with ICT (as a rep. of Korea government)

- President, CrucialTec USA (*Houston in U.S., 5years)

- Team leader, Samsung R&D Institute
(*Yokohama in Japan, 4years)

- Sr.manager, Samsung Electronics Mobile Div.
(*Seoul in Korea, 13years)

Mr. Hong has best understanding of Korea-USA-Japan business. He has high level insights and is influencer in global IoT industry given that his 23years global cross-industry experience especially in Korea, Japan, and U.S.

During stay in Samsung over 17years, Mr. Hong conducted various role in purchasing, product planning, marketing & sales, global tech sourcing and venture investment.

After leaving Samsung, Mr. Hong has been in charge of business development & commercialization as a president of USA Corporate headquarter in Houston. Mr. Hong succeeded to launch biometrics solution with global customers such as Google, Microsoft, Motorola, and Blackberry.

Recently, Mr.Hong founded consulting company, Global PD, which is helping biometrics tech ventures for their global business developments. Also Mr.Hong has been playing major role in FIDO Alliance as a board of directors and Vice chairman of FIDO Korea Working Group.